Make it!

I love making things.

From pen pots to cushions

From buntings to tablescapes

From crochet blankets to window blinds

From.. you get it, right? πŸ˜‰

Well I thought (ok, I was strongly advised!) to host some of the things I want to share here….

So here goes…


One of four seat pad covers for the patio make over. I used remnants of fabric left over from the parasol make over.


Larger than usual, this is one of four placemats for the patio table. Again, left over fabric means I can keep a running theme going. ps. these are not finished yet, I have a cute little add on for them πŸ˜‰

parasol recover

Preview of the parasol make over. I selected 8 fabrics, 4 blue and 4 pink themed…. plus a border colour to tie it all in with the garden.


Having seen my youngest granddaughter turn 3 on Easter Sunday I just had to make her some of her favourite decorations for the food table (hosted by yours truly), this is just four of the goodies I made, printed and cut… she loved them so much she took them home!


One weekend when my teen was away I decided to do a room makeover for her. She’d already painted the room, chosen the colours and patterns so I set to it…. mini bunting, short curtains, blinds and tie backs were just the beginning…


Easter 2014, I needed, yes needed a decorative tree but I hadn’t got time to go searching… I using a painted tin, salt dough and trimmed white coat hangers I made my own… still going strong today, though I changed the tin colour and the items on it


I needed a crafting area when I first moved in, I have a walk in storage ‘room’ off my kitchen so I got to work… it’s now called the pink room and hosts a chest freezer and loads and loads of business stuff!! The room, being approx 6’x 6′ with one corner missing it was way too small! We still call it the pink room!! lol


If I’m hosting a last minute party table you can be sure there is going to be cupcakes… liking to theme things I whip out the same three tins and the same three cake boards and cover to suit… this black and white was for my daughters 16th, two years ago!


Recovered headboard, easy, quick and effective. I’ve since had a new bed/headboard but I miss this one.


I love love love to crochet! Learning a new stitch meant I started about 5/6 things at a time b/c I wanted to do 5/6 gifts! No patience here!


My teen painted my kitchen her friend put up the crates and I added some bits. There’s something about crates that I just love.


Having arthritis means I sometimes struggle with my hands, when the pain isn’t so bad these fimo covered hooks are perfect. I love making these!


What can I say? I wanted a pink bracelet, I just happened to have had some pink wool and beads next to me πŸ˜‰


This beach effect unit is ideal for hiding away Charleys bits, Wii accessories etc but it was ugly with its dark brown doors… so a little bit of sticky back plastic and its been given a new life πŸ™‚


Tablet/phone pillows…. I had to make some of these for when I am crocheting and learning a new stitch… then the teen wanted one… then my dude wanted one… then I got a couple of orders for some!!



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