Literary Agents

A few months ago I had a pro-active literary agent who was totally on board with my vision for the book collection that’s been roaming my head for months.

Then she went on maternity leave and reduced her workload, allocating me time in her limited budget as she began her journey into motherhood.

As a mom, I was totally ok with this, especially as my book isn’t yet completed, I felt as though I wouldn’t need to take up much of her time at this point.

However, she embraced my vision, saw mileage and a future in me and my ideas and regularly asked for the next chapters. She gave me advice, pointers and pretty much mentored me.

Then today I idly check my email to find that now she is back at work I need to pay £235 for an ‘official interview’.

What had we been doing previously?

Why is this the first time I was aware of costs up front?

So now I am opening up to the possibility that I may need to find a new agent after many people have strongly warned me to back away from any agent who wants paying up front.

I’m a novice here. What do I know?

I don’t want to go down the route of self-publishing, I want the support, expertise and feedback from a strong, loyal agent who will stick by me when things go right and wrong.

Am I asking too much?